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Naturopathic Physician Midwife

Dr. Terra Sowinski

Naturopathic Physician and Licensed Midwife

Ashley Jones LM, CPM

Licensed Midwife

Dr. Terra Sowinski

Naturopathic Physician and Licensed Midwife, Owner of Tranquil Healing Center

Dr. Terra received her B.S. from Wilson College in Chambersburg, PA, where she double majored in biology and exercise science. This is where her love for a healthy lifestyle truly blossomed. As a collegiate gymnast Dr. Terra knew that maintaining a healthy body started with nutrition and proper exercise. This easily led her to the field of Naturopathic Medicine and an improved understanding of optimal health. Dr. Terra received her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (ND) and Certificate in Natural Childbirth from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. 

Dr. Terra is an eclectic Naturopathic Physician, meaning she uses a variety of natural methods, custom prescribed to fit the needs of each patient. These healing modalities include dietary and nutritional counseling; herbal medicines; homeopathic remedies; flower essences; and physical medicine techniques including Applied Kinesiology. Dr. Terra has a special passion for the endocrine system and advanced training in natural hormone balancing for men and women. From hypothyroidism to infertility, diabetes to menopause, she is constantly searching for new ways to restore health and is currently studying in the Fellowship for Metaobic Medicine with the Metabolic Medical Institute.  Dr. Terra has expanded her knowledge of nutritional therapies by becoming a Certified GAPS Practitioner and is excited about how this therapy is helping her patients achieve healthier bodies and minds. She is also a member of the Weston A. Price Nutritional Foundation. Dr, Terra has traveled to Belize for training as a practitioner of Arvigo Therapy of Mayan Abdominal Massage with Dr. Rosita Arvigo.

Dr. Terra is also a Licensed Midwife in Washington State. She provides high quality prenatal care, attends home deliveries as the primary birth attendant, and provides post-partum care for mother and newborn. She is currently accepting new midwifery patients. If you are not looking for a home birth, Dr. Terra is available to assist pregnant and post-partum women and their infants with all of their natural family primary healthcare needs.  Dr. Terra has traveled to Bali, Indonesia and Vanuatu in the South Pacific as a Midwifery volunteer helping to provide safer births for patients with limited access to care. 

Dr. Terra lives in Belfair. When she provides primary care for her patients Dr. Terra enjoys getting outside, kayaking, hiking among the beautiful trees, and breathing the fresh air. She is excited to be here as Belfair's Primary Care Physician and Midwife and looks forward each day to helping her community grow healthy. 

Ashley Jones LM, CPM

Licensed Midwife

Ashley Jones LM, CPM is a military wife and mother to four. Her first two children were born in the hospital under the care of midwives, and her second two children were birthed at home, again with midwives. 

She began her work in birth in 2011, following her second hospital birth. Initially, Ashley entered birth work as a doula, but quickly realized her goal was to become a midwife. Ashley began birth assisting in 2012, where she attended her first out of hospital births. In August 2014, Ashley was accepted to the bachelor's program with Midwives College of Utah and graduated with honors in November 2017. She is now completing her Master's Degree at Midwive's College of Utah. Ashley is currently licensed in Washington as well as California.

"My philosophy on birth is simple. Birth is a natural, normal event that typically needs little intervention when the birthing person is low risk. Where I focus is on the birthing person's and their support system's experience. By providing comprehensive, supportive prenatal care, my clients learn about me as I learn about them. Through this common learning, trust is established. I focus on empowering my clients to make the necessary decisions throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. With the combination of trust and empowerment, my clients are able to form their own story, as I look after the safety of all."

I am honored to practice midwifery in Kitsap and Mason Counties, and surrounding areas.

Cassandra Aho, Student Midwife

Student Midwife

Cassandra Aho is a blissfully happy military wife and mother of 3. She began studying midwifery with Midwives College of Utah in May 2015 and is completing her clinical training with the midwives of Tranquil Healing Center. 

Originally from Michigan, she is passionate about her work as an advocate for victims and survivors of domestic violence, and has put her educational focus on this area. Cassandra spends her free time volunteering at women's shelters and providing educational lectures to medical staff about intimate partner violence and it's effects on women and children. When not volunteering, Cassandra enjoys painting and literature, and is enjoying the beautiful nature of Washington State.